Mediacom lead

We love technology

We love the data.
We build bridges between brands and costumers.
We are specialists in generating quantitative leads through Email Marketing.
We convert the data analysis into an exact science, this being our main point of difference in respect to our competition.

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What we do

We are specialists in Email Marketing, and our core objective is generating quantitative leads and sales.

We have our own Email Marketing platform and active, user databases in over 15 countries, involving the sending of seven million mails daily.

We understand the importance of analysing campaign data, applying strategies based on user activity, with the objective of optimising responses and optimising the profitability of budgets.

We place data at the heart of our business.

All our efforts go towards understanding our audience and client activity for our brands, in order to establish connections between them.

We sign exclusive contracts with partner technologies to carry out multichannel campaigns (RTB, Display, Mobile, Social Networks, Video) in order for brands to reach their clients through the most appropriate channel, and to achieve the highest sale rates.

We have years of experience putting brands in touch with thousands of clients.

Who we are

We are a company operating all over the world, from our central offices in Madrid.

We love marketing, technology, and the different methods of forming connections between brands and clients.

Day in, and day out, we strive for excellence in our work and encourage our employees to do the same. If you are talented, passionate about digital marketing and new technology, you have a place working at Mediacom Lead.

We know working hard is not possible if you are not happy with your work. We know the main driver of our business is our employees, and that’s why we place them before any of our commercial objectives.

We are conscious that for our clients to be satisfied, our employees must be happy when they arrive each day at our offices to work.

  • Technology
  • Excellence
  • Confidence

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C\ Mayor 3 – 2º A , 28013 - Madrid Spain
Phone: 91.531.33.96

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